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Writer of fantasy, adventure, and science fiction. Visual artist, musician.

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Series titles:

Timelost series...The adventures of pilot Miko, mercenary Yul, and hustler Jet Rusco

STARVENGER Starhustler The Dim Zone The Timelost Audra

The adventures of Risgan the Relic Hunter...

Huntress of Caerlin Forsaken Magic Isk Rider of Bazuur The Temple of Vitus

Dragon Sea and Dragon Lords Series

Dragonsea Dragon Lords Avenger

The adventures of Icarus...


The adventures of Conan...

The Dragon of Skar

Beastslayer series...The adventures of war-chief Dereas

Ahrion's Minions Beastslayer : Rise of the Rgnadon

The adventures of Baus the Bold...

Rogues of Bindar

Dark fantasy tales...

Enchantress of Rurne Curse of the Kraken The Bones of St. Isis Sundered lineage Fantastic Realms

Denibus Ar, archaeology adventure...

Koruka's Prophecy Denibus Ar


Phane The Jisil-ou-az-lar The Movie Maker The Brain Machine Benevolent Influence Future Destinies