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Christopher Edward Turner

Chris strives to create evocative images, modelled on nature: imaginative threads of wild, untamed landscapes, often lonely renderings of Ontario and Quebec. He continues to develop his vivid and evocative style of landscape painting, capturing the scenery from the Georgian Bay islands to the Gatineau hills.

Chris studied landscape painting with Bruce Heggtveit and other local artists in the Ottawa area. For a period of time he was pursuing other interests such as creative writing and studio recording. After graduating from University of Waterloo in Honours Mathematics and Computer Science, he backpacked and biked throughout Europe and Asia before teaching computer programming courses in Ottawa.

Having spent most of his life in the Gatineau hills and Simcoe County, he has been fascinated with the raw, primal nature of woods, creeks and shorelines.

Chris uses stiff brushes to paint, no medium or thinners; consequently the paint is harder to control, yet the result is richer, and somewhat more forward and moody.

Other passions include creative writing and soundtracking. Check out his rich collection of SF/Fantasy story-audio works on youtube. And strategy games and other fun stuff here ...

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