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Forsaken Magic Curse of the Kraken Ahrion's Minions The Jisil-ou-az-lar Koruka's prophecy Audra

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Timelost series...The adventures of NAVO pilot Miko and mercenary Yul

The Timelost The Timelost Audra

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Beastslayer series...The adventures of war-chief Dereas

Beastslayer : Rise of the Rgnadon Ahrion's Minions

The adventures of Conan...

Conan: The Dragon of Skar

Dark fantasy tales...

Enchantress of Rurne Curse of the Kraken The Bones of St. Isis tournament at Bergum

Denibus Ar, archaeology adventure...

Koruka's Prophecy


Phane The Jisil-ou-az-lar The Movie Maker The Brain Machine

The adventures of Risgan the Relic Hunter...

Isk Rider of Bazuur Lim-Lalyn Grinneth The Temple of Vitus

The adventures of Baus the Bold, in the Rogues of Bindar series...

Wolf's-head: The Yard Wolf's-head: Prince of Ogres Pirates of the Poesasian Farling's Wall

Young adult SF-Fantasy...

Flowerfly Magical Entities Are Not For Sale